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Tips for Managing your Trading Account in Drawdown

image of a phone showing the charts on a trading account experiencing a loss

Along with the many opportunities for profit-making in Forex trading, there are also many challenges, including drawdown. Drawdown represents the percentage loss from the highest account value to the lowest during a specific trading period. Although being in drawdown can knock your confidence, how you use the information to adapt your risk management, evaluate performance and develop your trading strategy, can have a positive impact on your long-term success. 

Our number one tip for anyone in drawdown, whether on a funding challenge or funded account, is to lower your lot size and percentage risk per trade. If, for example, your account is down 5%, reduce your risk from 1% to 0.5% and grow the 4% back up using the reduced risk. Once you are successfully at break even, your confidence will be restored, and you can resume placing 1% risk trades. Always avoid the temptation to over-leverage, it can amplify drawdowns. Instead, stick to your pre-determined risk parameters. 

Stop Loss Orders

As discussed in our previous blog, using a Stop Loss Order is an important risk management tool in Forex trading. Having a Stop Loss Order in place when experiencing drawdown means that you can prevent a small drawdown from turning into a significant loss. 

Diversify Currency Pairs

Another tip to manage drawdown effectively is to ensure you diversify currency pairs. Each currency pair in Forex trading has its own unique characteristics. By diversifying your trades across different currency pairs, you will minimize the risk in drawdown. 

Stay Up to Date with the News

The Forex market is highly influenced by market conditions. To stay well-informed, it is essential to consistently analyze news updates and consult economic calendars. Keeping abreast of potential market-moving events empowers you to adapt your trading strategy and reduce the impact of unexpected drawdowns. 

Maintain Emotional Discipline

Experiencing drawdowns is a natural part of Forex trading and learning to manage your emotions through drawdowns is crucial to your trading success. Being mentally prepared can prevent impulsive decisions driven by fear and panic. 

So, remember that drawdowns are going to be a part of your trading journey. Use these tips to review your risk management, adapt your strategy and safeguard your capital. By adopting the appropriate mindset and approach, drawdowns can become valuable learning experiences, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth and improvement.

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