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Exciting News: The Forex Funder’s New Dashboard is Now Live!

We are thrilled to announce that The Forex Funder’s new dashboard is officially live and operational! For those eager to dive in, you can access it directly at However, we’d like to remind you that signing up directly through the new link is not possible unless you have previously purchased a challenge or opted for a free trial. For our new members, here’s your pathway: secure a TFF Challenge first. Once you’ve made your purchase, look out for a confirmation email that will guide you through setting up your password.

What's New and Exciting?

Platform 5 is Live!

We’re starting strong with Platform 5 now live, though currently, it is not available for our US customers. Worry not, as we’re on the brink of adding Match Trader and TradeLocker to your toolkit, with both set to be available very soon. Following closely will be the integration of cTrader. These additions, including Match Trader, TradeLocker, and cTrader, will also welcome our US customers.

Ongoing Efforts for Our Loyal Customers

For our longstanding customers, we’re diligently working to transition and incorporate your trading accounts into the new dashboard. You might have noticed your account already set up – simply proceed with a password reset to regain access. Our goal is to make this migration as seamless as possible, ensuring you find the platform that best fits your trading style.

Exclusive Dashboard for Affiliates

We haven’t forgotten about our invaluable affiliates! An exclusive dashboard has been crafted just for you. This new system not only keeps you updated with an email notification for every sale you make but also informs you about the amount earned. Ready to join? Register at and log in through Plus, an innovative payout system is on the horizon, promising near-instant transactions upon request. For our existing affiliates, we’re clearing all balances, ensuring even amounts below the $100 minimum are paid out. Please re-register on the new dashboard to benefit from these updates.

Patience is a Virtue

We understand the excitement and perhaps the anxiety that comes with transitions. Rest assured, we’re not just focused on enhancing our platform; we’re also devising a compensation plan for our traders who relied on Think and Blueberry, as well as addressing pending payouts. Your patience during this period means the world to us.

The Forex Funder is committed to offering not just a trading platform but a comprehensive ecosystem tailored to the needs of our diverse trading community. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or new to the Forex scene, our new dashboard is designed to elevate your trading experience, with more tools, features, and support than ever before.

Stay tuned, and thank you for being a valued part of The Forex Funder family!

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